About Charles

Charles came to Rolfing just like many others, in chronic pain. He had a major injury to his left lower back and pelvis when he was a teenager. The recovery was long and not completely successful, despite conventional therapy. The pain worsened as he studied in college and graduate school and got especially bad when he started his work life. After he received a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California, he became a computer engineer who spent long hours sitting at a desk. Gradually the pain migrated to his neck and shoulders. Pretty much everything ached!

In an effort to get some relief, he tried physical therapy, rest, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, and exercise. Nothing seemed to give long lasting, positive results. His left pelvis was still in constant pain; it affected his walk and many aspects of daily living. Someone suggested Rolfing, a therapy he had never even heard of before. Why not? he thought. By this point it was a last resort.

Even after the first session, he experienced a lessening of pain. After a series of sessions Charles regained full function in his lower back, neck and shoulders. In his own words, “as I continued through the series I became much more aware of my body and came to understand my own responsibility in taking care of myself. Rolfing impacted my life in a deeper way, as well. I came to believe that my personal mission is to help people who have also had serious pain and frustration."

He enrolled in classes of Rolfing Institute® of Structural Integration in 2008-2009. Charles is now a Certified Rolfer™ with an office in Lawrence, KS area.

Charles continues to enrich his practice by attending regular classes and workshops, which provide him with cutting edge information and techniques to offer his clients in highly informed and specialized sessions. He assisted for Jonathan Martine’s neural class at Lawrence, KS. Charles’ hobbies include swimming, yoga, meditation, classical music, playing piano, cooking and reading.

Please feel free to contact Charles via phone (785) 312-9955 or via email at chung@iiym.com.